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CF Meta Lab GameFi Index (Modified Market Cap Weight) - London - Spot Rate


Last updated: Sat, 18 May 2024 22:32:16 GMT


The CF Meta Lab GameFi Index - London is a liquid, investible benchmark portfolio index that tracks the return performance of blockchain gaming protocols, commonly referred to as "GameFi". The index is comprised of three distinct sub-portfolios of fixed weight that represent the components of blockchain architecture that are required to deliver decentralised gaming products & services to individual and institutional end users; decentralized applications (dApps) via Gaming protocols, Services and Settlement Blockchains. Digital assets are classified in accordance with the CF Digital Asset Classification Structure (DACS) for sub-portfolio eligibility.

Digital assets are weighted by a capped free float market capitalization within each sub-portfolio in accordance with the CF Multi Asset Series Ground Rules and the index methodology. The index is calculated and published every second. The index is re-constituted and rebalanced quarterly.

The CF Meta Lab GameFi Index - London was incepted on September 1st 2022 with a value of 1,000. The index was launched on October 24th 2023, all values from inception date to launch date provided are backtested.

Usage & Licensing

If you require access to real time or historic data for this index to power a product or service or are interested in licensing the index for the creation of a financial product, investment fund or derivative instrument please contact [email protected]


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