About CF Benchmarks Ltd.

CF Benchmarks is the world's leading crypto index provider. Its benchmark indices have settled over $500bn of CFTC and FCA regulated futures and options contracts and are tracked by ETFs and ETPs listed in Canada, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany. All indices are Registered Benchmarks in compliance with UK BMR. ISAE 3000 limited assurance of its compliance by Deloitte is available here.

Our state of the art technology ensures our indices are provided to the utmost reliability, 24/7. Our indices have been fully market tested since 2017 by the most demanding users and regulators. In addition to the over $500 billion in assets settled and managed by CF Benchmarks, our indices power the most innovative products and services provided by the most respected firms in the crypto economy.

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CF Digital Asset Classification Structure

The Digital Asset universe is constituted of a diverse range of Assets with differing characteristics, use cases and applications. The lack of a coherent classification structure by which to segment this universe means that market participants can find it difficult to understand the constitution of the universe and how adoption and real-world use of blockchain based applications and functions translates over to price performance of Digital Assets. In traditional asset classes classification systems and structures allow market participants to easily reference a group of assets within an asset class, map them to real world activity and perform “attribution analysis”.

The universe of Digital Assets has a market capitalisation exceeding $2.5 trillion yet market participants have no coherent system by which to classify digital assets and hence analyse returns associated with different digital assets or the provision of products and services on blockchain networks. The CF DACS solves this problem and provides investors with a comprehensive and coherent means of understanding the blockchain economy.

Usage & Licensing

For licensing enquiries or for more information about the CF Digital Asset Classification Structure please contact [email protected]