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Apr 24, 2023

CFB Talks Digital Assets - Episode 10

Despite the EU's landmark MiCA legislation, it's still a headache for European institutions to offer listed crypto exposure - and U.S. regs are even more painfully a work in progress

In the latest episode of CFB Talks Digital Assets, we discuss how CF Benchmarks’ CF Rolling CME Futures Index Series offers a solution.

Join CFB's Senior Product Manager, Thomas Erdösi, Head of Content Ken Odeluga and Research Lead Gabe Selby, CFA as they talk through how and why these indices work.


  • How a CF Rolling CME Futures Index gives 100% exposure to a cryptoasset with no need to touch crypto
  • How our unique methodology achieves the best possible tracking
  • How we’ve all but eliminated the risk of front running
  • What other measures have we taken to prevent manipulation?
  • Why CF Rolling CME Futures indices are the ideal solution for regulated institutions looking to list crypto ETFs in the U.S.