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Sep 13, 2022

Ether Options settling to CME CF ETHUSD_RR launched by CME

Ether options began trading on CME yesterday led by a block trade between Genesis and Cumberland. As the Ethereum merge approaches the opportunity for investors to hedge price risk for Ether (ETH) through CFTC regulated, centrally cleared options contracts will be invaluable.

The launch of Ether options further extends the suite of instruments that investors and product providers can utilise to create differing pay-off structures, an invaluable tool as investors seek to integrate digital assets into their existing portfolios of traditional assets.

The Ether options from CME will settle to the CME CF Ether Dollar Reference Rate that has already proven itself to be a robust and reliable benchmark index being the settlement mechanism for the Ether futures, micro futures and micro options that are also listed by CME. The index also serves as the NAV mechanism for the ETHR ETF listed on TSX by Evolve ETFs and the ETH11 ETF listed on B3 by QR Asset.