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Jun 24, 2023

CFB Talks Digital Assets - Episode 14 - Quarterly Attribution Report

It’s time to review our latest Quarterly Attribution Report (QAR) - the unique, institutional-grade analysis of market performance drivers, based on our CF Digital Asset Classification Structure (CF DACS).

Join CF Benchmarks' Lead Research Analyst Gabe Selby, CFA, and Head of Content Ken Odeluga, on CFB Talks Digital Assets, as they spotlight Gabe's QAR for the quarter ending in June

  • Learn how narrow ‘market leadership’ has been, with the two largest-capitalized — and least centralized — assets, Bitcoin and Ether outperforming as crypto declined overall
  • Hear why, despite higher volatility on a risk-adjusted basis, the asset class continues to show asymmetric upside returns through the cycle
  • Discover why the positive impact of BTC's new BRC-20 token standard on mining revenue could turn out to be more important than NFTs
  • Pinpoint why Algorand was the worst performer in our CF DACS Universe … and why it’s likely to stay tilted towards the downside for now

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