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Jul 09, 2023

CFB Talks Digital Assets Episode 13: The Outlook for Institutional Crypto Adoption - with Peter Stern

We're excited to present Peter Stern, our Director of Sales & Business Development, as our guest on CFB Talks Digital Assets, for a timely conversation about institutional crypto adoption – particularly by asset managers looking to list spot crypto ETFs...

In many ways, Peter has one of the most difficult jobs in digital assets: selling crypto indices to regulated, notoriously conservative institutions in the Americas! But it’s a job he’s evidently excelled at.

As we’ve seen, forward-thinking institutions are beginning to make big strides into adoption.

But it takes individuals with considerable skill, knowledge of blockchain economics and traditional finance + patience, to encourage institutions to take that first step.

  • Watch our stimulating conversation to hear how Peter spearheads CFB’s relationships with some of the most preeminent financial institutions, including BlackRock, which launched BlackRock Bitcoin Private Trust last year.
  • Why the institutional focus is likely to remain on Bitcoin and Ether for now
  • How, backed with safeguards built into our regulated indices, Peter plays a major part in driving home the importance of information sharing for listed crypto funds

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