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Jul 30, 2023

CFB Talks Digital Assets Ep 15: CEO Sui Chung on spot Bitcoin ETF filings and why this time might be different

Ever since BlackRock’s surprise filing to list a spot #Bitcoin #ETF, powered by our regulated CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate - NY Variant, it's been a top talking point among institutional investors.

But given CF Benchmarks' participation in more crypto ETF filings than any other provider, we have a uniquely informed perspective on what’s likely to work and what definitely won’t.

That means it’s no exaggeration to say CFB’s CEO, Sui Chung is a true insider to BlackRock’s filing, and the applications by 3 other issuers using our benchmark.

With the SEC now officially reviewing all filings, listen in to the latest episode of the CFB Talks Digital Assets podcast with Sui as our guest, for exclusive insights:

  • Why this time really might be different
  • Why Surveillance Sharing Agreements are the ‘silver bullet’
  • Why a U.S. spot BTC ETF would be a “paradigm shift”

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