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Nov 10, 2022

CF Benchmarks announces the addition of LMAX Digital and Gemini as Constituent Exchanges of certain CME CF Cryptocurrency Family indices

The Administrator announces that the following Constituent Exchange changes will come into effect at 10:00 London Time on Tuesday November 22nd, 2022.

Index Ticker Additions Removals
CME CF Bitcoin Cash-Dollar Reference Rate BCHUSD_RR LMAX Digital None
CME CF Bitcoin Cash-Dollar Real Time Index BCHUSD_RTI LMAX Digital None
CME CF Litecoin-Dollar Reference Rate LTCUSD_RR LMAX Digital None
CME CF Litecoin-Dollar Real Time Index LTCUSD_RTI LMAX Digital None
CME CF Solana-Dollar Reference Rate SOLUSD_RR Gemini None
CME CF Solana-Dollar Real Time Index SOLUSD_RTI Gemini None

In accordance with the Administrator’s policies, the process for approving these changes has been overseen by the CME CF Cryptocurrency Pricing Products Oversight Committee.

Questions or queries should be addressed to [email protected].

Should any user wish to file a complaint regarding these changes, they can do so confidentially by emailing [email protected].