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Harness the liquidity complexes surrounding CF Benchmarks indices that allow banks to deliver crypto exposure to clients through derivatives and structured products whilst being able to hedge those exposures with fully capital markets regulated products, eschewing the need to hold physical crypto.

Regulatory certainty

The CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and CME CF Ether Dollar Reference Rate are being used by major banks and financial institutions to create derivatives and lending products that are offered to institutions.

Accessible Liquidity and Perfect Hedging

The CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and CME CF Ether Dollar Reference Rate are the settlement indices for CFTC regulated futures and options listed by CME Group providing banks with fully cleared and regulated hedging instruments.

Comprehensive Ecosystem of Products

The CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and CME CF Ether Dollar Reference Rate are referenced by ETFs, NDFs and centrally cleared futures and options that enable the creation of the most sophisticated structures to respond to client demand.

Access a comprehensive complex of regulated instruments

Harness the industry standard benchmark for digital assets and leverage its liquidity complex to deliver comprehensive solution for clients.

Centrally cleared futures and options settling to the CME CF BRR allow for physical Bitcoin to be bought and sold in unlimited quantities at BRR by OTC dealers creating abundant liquidity for regulated instruments that reference the BRR.

Multiple product types settle and replicate BRR, giving any products that reference it perfect hedging to the most liquid centrally cleared and regulated bitcoin derivatives complex and delta one instruments opening up a world of opportunity to deliver client needs.
Fully regulated and Liquid futures, options and physical ETFs that provide perfect tracking allow for the creation and risk management of multiple product and payoff types.
BRR ETF NAVs track the Bitcoin price perfectly by being 100% invested acquiring and divesting Bitcoin at BRR can be used as Delta-One components.

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Readily available data through major data vendors

CF Benchmarks provides key index analytics on its website in real time  to give index users an up to date picture of price action dynamics and volume flows.

CME CF BRR is published and disseminated through major vendor platforms

  • Bloomberg: BRR GO
  • Refinitiv: .BRR
  • CME MDP and DataMine