Last updated: 24th April 2022 20:00:00 GMT - when the index was demised


The CF Bitcoin - Dollar US Settlement Price (CF XBTUSD_US_RR) is a once a day benchmark index price for Bitcoin that aggregates trade data from multiple Bitcoin-USD markets operated by major cryptocurrency exchanges that conform to the CF Constituent Exchange Criteria. It is the pre-eminent index price for Bitcoin risk settlement that is synchronised to the traditional US financial market close of 1600 New York Time. The Index is a Registered Benchmark under UK BMR and as such enjoys equivalence with the EU BMR Regime.

Bloomberg Ticker: CFXBTUSN

Usage & Licensing

If you require access to real time or historic data for this index to power a product or service or are interested in licensing the index for the creation of a financial product, investment fund or derivative instrument please contact [email protected]