The CF Synthetix-Dollar Settlement Price (SNXUSD_RR) is a once a day benchmark index price for Yearn.finance that aggregates trade data from multiple The Synthetix-USD markets operated by major cryptocurrency exchanges that conform to CF Benchmarks rigorous regulatory requirements. Calculated every day since its launch on 9th November 2021, it is the most trusted source for Synthetix pricing and the pre-eminent price benchmark for Synthetix risk settlement being a Registered Benchmark under EU BMR.

Bloomberg Ticker: CFSNXUSL

Usage & Licensing

The CF Synthetix-Dollar Settlement Price (SNXUSD_RR) is an investible price benchmark with design features that promote replicability, manipulation resistance and index integrity. Its calculation is to the highest regulatory standards and is regulated by the UK FCA under EU BMR.

If you require access to real time or historic data for this index to power a product or service or are interested in licensing the index for the creation of a financial product, investment fund or derivative instrument please contact [email protected]